An ant bite caused my wife’s blood pressure to drop to dangerous levels

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I live in Kerala, a tropical paradise of a state in India that markets itself as ‘God’s Own Country.’ Kerala is indeed a magnet for tourists who will be charmed by its picturesque beaches, pleasant climate, lush tropical…

Apple unexpectedly lowered prices on its iPhone 12 series in India so I got a Mini, and rediscovered the joy of using a small phone

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When I got my iPhone 6S+ in 2016, I never imagined that I would be still using it five years later. I have been hanging on to it for so long because iPhone prices in India are…

Western science says you need ‘reading glasses’ as you grow old but Paul McCartney is 78 and can read without glasses

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In an ironic twist, a probably unscientific Indian yogi explained to the famous Beatle that long-sight and short-sight occur because of the weakening of the eye muscles, and can be corrected with some simple eye exercises. The way I understand…

Ideas on making Facebook share its profits with its unpaid ‘users’ who slog for hours to create the data that is sold for billions

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Apple and Facebook are multi-billion-dollar companies. Apple sells devices like iPhones. Facebook sells nothing. So how is Facebook making its billions?

Think about that. Facebook generates those billions by selling the data which they surreptitiously collect from users every…

Your iPhone battery will last longer if you don’t overcharge it and Siri can now help prevent that

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My iPhone is old in phone years, a 6S+ that I bought six years ago (2015). By 2018, battery health was down to 85%. It wouldn’t even last a full day. In fact, Apple recommends you replace…

Posting online reviews of clinics and doctors may be the first step to fixing India’s broken healthcare system

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Healthcare has become a cut-throat business in India. One reason is that Indian hospitals and doctors get away with murder because we don’t hold them accountable for their actions. Let me explain.

If we buy a cellphone on Amazon, and…


it’s an odd world

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