Western science says you need ‘reading glasses’ as you grow old but Paul McCartney is 78 and can read without glasses

Photo by asim alnamat from Pexels

In a sea of fake news, we need guides to arrive at the truth

Photo by Casia Charlie from Pexels

Ideas on making Facebook share its profits with its unpaid ‘users’ who slog for hours to create the data that is sold for billions

Six hours on Instagram is six hours of making money for Zuckerberg (Photo by Teona Swift from Pexels)

Your iPhone battery will last longer if you don’t overcharge it and Siri can now help prevent that

It’s easy to get Siri to warn you when your phone is being overcharged

Charging to 100% shortens a battery’s life

Posting online reviews of clinics and doctors may be the first step to fixing India’s broken healthcare system

When we allow a dentist to use his knife on us, we trust he will not misuse that privilege (Photo by Rafael Rocha on Unsplash)

Flossing instead of brushing might have saved my teeth

Flossing can extract any food particle and isn’t as harmful to your teeth as brushing

Thoughts on Naomi Osaka’s French Open stand

Not everyone is comfortable with facing the mike. (Image courtesy mykhel.com)

The Indian government needs to ban WhatsApp for a month

WhatsApp’s championing of Indian’s right to privacy is not what it seems (Photo by Dids from Pexels)

Amazon killed my product review as it revealed how easy it is to generate fake reviews

China's billion-dollar business of forcibly harvesting the organs of its minorities is estimated to have killed a horrifying 2,000,000 ‘donors.’ So why is it still business as usual with China?

Photo by fotografierende from Pexels


it’s an odd world

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