A photographer friend who was based abroad for a while, had his PayPal account frozen when he moved back to India. He had something like $20000 or more stuck in it. Paypal asked him to get in touch with the US office to sort out the issue, but they sent him around in endless circles, with each call/email starting from scratch. After over a year of persevering with emails and calls, one of the Paypal call centre agents finally took pity on him, and indirectly suggested a loophole he could use to transfer out his money. Two minutes later, he was out of Paypal. ‘Bat out of hell’ comes to mind.

Medium seems to be an avid student of the PayPal playbook. They claim to be unable to make payments to writers in many countries, while having absolutely no issues about collecting membership fees from writers in these same countries. Here’s a link to my post about it:

it’s an odd world

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