Appreciate your principled stand on only writing open articles despite losing out on traffic. Actually, I didn’t mind paying the $5 membership as the money was being routed to other writers on Medium(hopefully). But what bothered me was the discriminatory, non-inclusive attitude at Medium. Like you said, that goes beyond greed and reeks of arrogance. Makes me wonder how the people who were clever enough to think of Medium, are so foolish that they can’t see beyond the tip of their own noses.

A few of my friends in the academic line have been complaining about access to international papers. But I hadn’t realised that it had got so bad that you have to pay to publish academic papers. That literally kills the spirit of the free internet which is behind the progress of the last few years.

That way, the world is a funny place. I had thought racism was done with when Obama became the president, and then we got Trump. And now just when I thought the free internet was breaking down the borders between countries, we get paywalls. Maybe that’s how progress happens. Two steps forward, followed by one step back, and then repeat the cycle. I’m just hoping it’s not three steps back!

it’s an odd world

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