Arshad, I’ve an Android phone too as I get very worried that I might be missing all the fun on that platform. But all said and done, Apple’s blend of hardware and software (backed by a good armour case) is still what I’m most comfortable with. And if the Chinese are partly responsible for that, I say Chinese quality is definitely on its way up.

I agree Apple is ripping off customers, But that is only possible because those customers perceive ‘value’ in Apple products. Perceived value may not be the actual value, but it’s also why people pay millions for Ferraris and Lamborghinis. The media is making a big thing about how the iPhone 8 will cost $1000. But in India, the iPhone 7 Plus base model is selling for close to $1000 because of import taxes. If some Indians are willing to pay that much, they definitely perceive that much value in it.

I personally think iPhones are priced too high. That’s why I got the refurbished phone, but it backfired. At some point, Apple’s perceived value may fall in my eyes, at which point I hope Android clicks with me.

it’s an odd world

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