As the old saying goes, the proof is in the pudding.

My wife’s grandmother is past 90 but still as frisky and active as a 50 year old. She has no physical ailments of any sort, and once explained to me the secret of her health. “If it’s natural, eat it. If not, don’t.” She doesn’t touch any food that’s been chemically processed. Like she loves her coffee extra sweet but instead of using refined sugar, she puts in big lumps of homemade unrefined cane sugar. She dislikes seeing her great-grand kids in her large extended family touch packaged stuff like jams, and instead makes them natural jams using local fruits like jackfruit.

It’s not easy in today’s hectic lifestyle. But we have been trying to apply her food principles for the last few years. And the results are showing. I personally have not seen a doctor or a hospital for quite a few years now.

So most times when I see these many conflicting studies, I just evaluate them on her simple principle. That’s why I have never knowingly had any artificial sweetener, and have no intention of ever touching the stuff.

To sum up, the proof in this particular pudding is unrefined cane sugar ;-)

it’s an odd world

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