C’mon Medium, you can do better!

Medium recently started a program for writers to get paid so I was surprised to find that this is only open to those with a US bank account or debit card. See the payment setup process, below.

The payment setup process for writers on Medium

When I tell people that I don’t get paid for writing on Medium, I usually get a pitying look, and a bored ‘Please send me the link’ comment, which is almost a guarantee they won’t bother to read my posts. So even if I get paid just one cent, one time, it will be a big thing, as I will be able to confidently tell the doubters that I get paid. Which in turn will provoke their curiousity to see what it is that I’m writing, and being paid for. That will help me get more readers, and that’s good for Medium, and all who support it.

What baffles me is why, in a time where you can be based in one corner of the world and buy or sell stuff anywhere in the world, Medium wasn’t able to figure out how to open this program to those without a US based bank account or debit card. It’s not just the Amazons, with their huge resources, that are doing international transactions. I recently ordered an out-of-print Indian cookbook from small seller based in US, and received it two weeks later. The reverse too works seamlessly, with a dentist friend paying a small India-based developer for doing her website. Not to mention, the Shutterstocks and other sites like it, that make thousands of micropayments daily, to people everywhere in the world via PayPal or whatever.

There’s another angle to this. By opening up payments to US citizens alone, Medium’s image as global brand suffers, as it comes across as a small US company. If Medium wants to be big, it needs to think big, at all times. So if this program had to be launched, it should have gone global from Day 1.

Anyway, that’s my point of view. Over to you, Medium.

it’s an odd world

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