David, thank you for reading and commenting.

A lot of the stuff I uncovered was an eye opener for me too, especially Apple hiding the ‘10 mm’ precaution deep in the legal copy. We pay a premium to use Apple products and I always assumed I could trust them, unlike say a Google who needs ads to fund their freebies. I lost sight of the fact that Apple is first and foremost a business, and anything that reduces its profitability will be ruthlessly suppressed, and ethics be damned.

The tech and the drug industries are very similar in that they both cross the our personal boundaries, and expose us to things that may have dangerous side effects. So if testing is mandatory for drugs, I don’t see why the same guidelines should not apply to the tech industry. This may slow down the pace of innovation. But that’s a price we unquestioningly accepted for drugs, and there’s no reason why we should treat tech differently.

However I think we have an issue at a more macro level. There’s an unspoken but globally accepted perception that everything comes second to the needs of big business. In this environment, even under the remote possibility that testing manages to incontrovertibly prove cellphones are dangerous, the powerful cellphone industry will force the government to suppress that info by hook or crook. You can see repeated examples of this happening. A good example is how the gun lobby effortlessly prevents gun control in the US despite repeated mass shootings. Then there’s tobacco, plastics, sodas… sadly, the list is quite long.

What gives me hope is Australia did come down heavily on guns after one mass shooting, and tobacco is on its way out of our lives. In those instances, the voice of the people did triumph over the needs of business, eventually. If it happened once, it can happen again, can’t it? So if more of us keep writing, debating, and discussing in public forums, hopefully we can build up a momentum to effect change that makes the world a safer place.

it’s an odd world

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