Factually, I’m sure you are right. But perspective and experience can often overshadows facts. Like, there was an interesting tech article I was trying to read this morning and it was locked behind the Wired paywall. Likewise I’ve been following the NBA playoffs and Kawhi is behind another paywall. And Modi was just re-elected as the Indian Prime Minister, and there was an interesting article about that and… Do I need to go on?

Tech, Sports, Politics; three articles in just half an hour this morning. It feels like paywalls are trending even if it may not actually be true. And that’s the way a lot of people are going to be thinking when they keep running into paywalls.

Btw, I did briefly glance through the ‘inspirations’ section, and most of it seem to be academic in nature. I’m guessing this model hasn’t yet reached the mainstream publications.

Anyway, thanks once again for making me aware of this. It makes me feel good to know that there are still folks out there trying their best to keep the world of information, open and free!

it’s an odd world

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