I feel the blame lies more with me (and the app) than my watch.

There was a time when I religiously tracked my runs via the Runtastic app on my phone. Those days, I used to run a 5km round most mornings, and what got me out of bed every morning was my desire to break the 28 min mark. I never did succeed it but I came quite close (see below left).

Around the time I cut down on my running in favour of tennis, I switched to my Mi Band to track my steps. Sadly, the Mi Fit app isn’t as reliable as Runtastic. It claims that my last activity was on Mar 11, 2017 despite noting that I have done 9345 steps today (see below middle). What’s worse, the app lost a chunk of data when I changed phones or something. See below right. Oct 2017 doesn’t exist. This kind of thing puts one off. Not that Runtastic is perfect. It won’t use my watch as a source for data. So I have to carry my phone when I run, which is okay as of now because I need it for music anyway. But it could be an issue someday.

Overall, though I haven’t used the Apple watch, I get the feeling that a smartwatch doesn’t have the grip over you that a smartphone does.

it’s an odd world

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