Hi Arihant, thanks for updating me on Stripe’s latest statement about India.

I must say the passing of time has made me a bit cynical about the Medium-Stripe nexus. The way I see, both these companies are business-first entities, and don’t give a toss about non-First World writers. It makes good business for Medium not to have a Stripe link up in India as it gives them a good excuse to not pay writers here. And it makes good business for Stripe to have a business setup in India (not for individuals, I mean) as it gives them a new source of income from desperate writers who are not willing to shell out the big dollars to open a Stripe business account in US, but may be willing to pay a bit less (and in rupees) to open the same in India.

Yes, I was in touch with Medium friends, too. It was their lack of response that made me write that post in the first place. In fact, I later pasted a link to my post as a response to another public post by Ev. Not very nice of me, I guess. But then again, Medium is not very nice to us, are they?

To me, it’s more of a colonial attitude. India and poorer countries exist only to make their lives better, and Medium feels no obligation to do anything for us in return. Damn, that’s a pretty apt analogy. Maybe it’s about time I gave Medium another reminder of our existence. I will try to be a bit smarter this time, and draw more attention to this issue by linking up to some current hot topic. Hmm, there’s something in your profile that sparks a thought. I’ll keep you posted. Anyway, thanks for the pep up. If we all do our bit, maybe we can get the Medium to do the right thing.

it’s an odd world

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