Hope it helped you control your sinuses. I’ve been off meds ever since I started doing this, and wish I could spread the word. The least it would do is put a lot of ‘doctors’ out of business. Just out of curiosity, what on earth did you type on Google to throw up this post? The only combination I can think of is ‘diving’ and ‘sinusitis.’ Sometimes I think someone somewhere must have figured out a cure for everything. But there’s no real way to find this needle in the internet haystack at the moment. The one who cracks it will probably be the next Google.

Since you mentioned natural alternatives, here’s my go-to one when my sinuses do start acting up, especially when I catch a passing cold. What I do is mash a bit of ginger to extract a spoon of fresh ginger juice, add a spoon or two of undiluted lemon juice, and finally a spoon of pure honey. The end result should be spicy enough to give you a kick. I then do the technique (described in the post) substituting this mix for the water, and have it just before I go to bed. It opens up the sinuses, and kills the infection in its tracks. Can’t count the times it’s helped me soothe my kid to sleep when she’s sick. Good Luck!

it’s an odd world

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