I know what you mean about not being happy. Some time ago, a stressed-out friend who had some kind of digestive issue requested me to refer him to my brother, who is a doctor. I did so, but in passing, I also mentioned how I had cured my own ailment without any treatment except for my diet change. He was fascinated and said he would try it. But when we next talked, he said he just couldn’t go all day without food as the pangs of hunger were causing him to lose focus.

Ever since I have been trying to pin down why what was easy for me, was impossible for my friend. The more I think about it, the more I think it’s all in the mind, and sticking to the new diet, till it becomes a habit.

I know the first couple of days after I began my diet, it wasn’t too easy to ignore the sound of clinking plates at lunchtime without pictures of food coming into my head. A bit of visualization also helped. Like I used to imagine myself never ever having to pull down my pants for that doctor, and feel my happiness meter shoot up. Finally, once I began to experience the positives of resting my tummy, it reinforced the habit, and I can’t even imagine how I used to eat all day long. These days, once I have my breakfast, my mind just switches off food till 8 in the evening.

Another example is the cultural mindset of Muslims. India has over 200 million of them, and every year during the month of Ramadan, these guys surprise me by fasting all day without even touching a drop of water. It’s voluntary, but most choose to fast except for young kids and those with health issues. Sure, a lot of them feast all through the night and sleep most of the day. But there were just as many who would show up for work, and not eat the whole day long. I even had one friend, who would show up for a game of tennis with me, knowing full well that he could not quench his thirst till sunset.

Sometimes, I think we humans don’t know what we are really capable of.

it’s an odd world

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