I really appreciate your efforts as you have stumbled towards a working model for Medium.

Having worked for a few years in the ad industry, I have had an insider’s view of its absolute amorality and appreciate your desire to distance Medium from that dark world.

But what bothers me is you are not seeing this as team game. All writers on the platform should get rewarded according to their contribution, and not where they are from. Right now, Medium writers from most of Asia and Africa. and other less developed parts of the world don’t get paid.

Imagine how ridiculous it would be if an NBA player, like say Joel Embiid, cannot be paid, just because he’s from Africa.

And don’t tell me payment systems are not working in these countries. Medium has been collecting membership fee from me in India for more than a year. If traffic can go one way up a road, it obviously can go the other way. It just needs the will to make it happen.

Here is a post I wrote some time back with suggestions on how Medium can make this happen. Good luck.

it’s an odd world