Interesting to see perceptions of India by a non-Indian. In fact, I’ve found many readers from the West think I’m talking about cellular connections as they can’t digest ‘Wi-Fi’ as having download limits.

About Indian companies, ISPs have different plans for them. For instance, ACT offers in Bangalore 250Mbps with a download limit of 1TB for ₹12000 ($185) per month. The speed is throttled to 5Mbps after the 1TB limit, which I guess is something an IT employee can live with.

Anyway, Indians are innovative and things keep improving. Like last year, a new cellular player called Jio started offering 1Gb of 4G data everyday for a monthly fee of around ₹300. That is less than $5 per month, which must be among the cheapest in the world. Must add that speed is not very consistent as yet (it’s 6.37Mbps just now). I believe Jio is modelled on the disruptive French network called Free, which I think may also be in Italy.

As for my Chromecast, I’m still in the honeymoon phase of discovery. My favorite video player is VLC but it didn’t seem to have the ‘cast' option like the YouTube app. I dug around in the Google Home app on my Android, clicked on ‘Cast Screen’ and boom, the video started playing on the big screen, sending me to Nerd heaven!

it’s an odd world

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