Making the jump is a bit of an issue for me as I’m stuck in the Apple universe. iPhone, iMac, iPad, iCloud, tons of purchased paid apps. And just the fact that I know how to use Apple stuff.

Like a couple of days ago, a friend took me to his health club. Guests aren’t allowed to play so I idly shot him playing in slo-mo, quickly edited it in iMovie, and five minutes later was pointing out the flaws in his actions. When a few of his friends gathered around, my friend introduced me as a ‘sports motion analyst.’ They swallowed the story and in no time I was allowed to play due to my lofty ‘analyst’ status. Maybe if I had owned a Pixel for a week or two, I would have been able to do the same. Like you said, I won’t know till I try!

But I must confess I have a serious case of FOMO on Android, and always own a high spec budget phone so I can try out stuff on it. Maybe some day, Apple will do something that pushes me over the edge…

it’s an odd world

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