Medium stops paying writers in India

I had recently written a post saying Medium is now paying writers in India.

I seemed to have spoken too soon. Above is the message I received from Medium’s Partner Program on Dec 13, 2019.

To sum up, it says Medium is removing writers in India and Brazil from the Medium Partner Program. It seems they are unable to pay us because their agreement with Stripe does not allow it. Medium claims they are working on finding a different partner.

However, three years of waiting and this latest disaster does not inspire any confidence in Medium’s abilities.

As a mark of good faith, I had resumed my Medium Membership, when they included us in the Partner Program. I’m now canceling my membership till they start paying. As they say, money talks.

The letter from Medium is signed ‘Your Friends at Medium.’

This is a mistake.

It should read ‘Your Friendly, Incompetent Nincompoops at Medium.’

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