My Medium app is playing hide & seek

Do apps have identity crises?

This morning, I spotted a typo in an earlier post of mine. I was on my iPad, and thought I would quickly edit it on the device. So I went to the Medium app, and clicked on ‘view story’ in the stats field.

The app did as requested, and then helpfully asked if it could ‘Open in app’ for me or alternatively ‘Install’ it for me.

The app seemed to be having an identity crisis, and obviously thought I had opened the page in a browser. The problem was this made the edit button disappear, and I couldn’t fix the typo without that. I clicked on both open and install but nothing happened.

I now had two options. I could either get off my butt, go upstairs and switch on my Mac, and edit the post in the Mac browser. Or see if I could outbug the bug on the iPad. It wasn’t really a contest.

I hit the x on the top right corner, and the app went back to stats, where I clicked on view story, and found myself back at square one.

How about the old shutdown trick? I shut down the app, and reopened it. Still in square one.

Maybe accessing it on my phone might work. No luck.

This wasn’t going anywhere.

I clicked on search and looked for myself. Only to find myself still in square one.

The bug was beginning to bug me.

We needed a bit of out of the box thinking. Maybe the problem wasn’t the app. Maybe it was me.

I went into settings to check my profile.

Getting warm now… I could see an edit button on the top right.

I clicked on the article, and bingo, the post finally opened up with the edit button instead of the ‘open in app’ and ‘install’ dialog boxes.

I clicked on the ‘edit' button before it did a disappearing act, quickly fixed the typo, and sat back feeling all smug and triumphant. Laziness is indeed the mother of invention.

At this point, the phone upstairs began ringing. I dashed upstairs, but as I reached the phone, it stopped ringing.

I stared at the blinking phone.

Technology! It always has to have the last word, doesn’t it?

Update: Congrats, your reward for reading the entire post is an explanation straight from the horse’s mouth, aka Medium Support.

“The problem you’re experiencing is connected with the fact that the Stats feature in the app isn’t really a built-in feature, but what really happens when you open Stats in the app is that it opens a web browser and loads the mobile stats web page. That is why you see the “open in app” and “install” prompt (and it doesn’t work, because well, you’re already in the app). That is also why you can’t edit your post from Stats, because writing is not available on mobile browsers.

Until we have a proper Stats feature, you’ll need to use Stats only to check your statistics, and edit your posts from your profile. If you want to edit a published post, go to the “You” tab, tab “view profile”, choose your post and tap “edit” in top-right corner.”

it’s an odd world

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