No ‘may be’ about it. It’s a year since I published the above post. If Medium was serious about helping writers in India getting paid, they would have found an alternative way from the many options available in the country.

At the same time, Medium has no issue with accepting payments from India. This double standard shows it’s just an unscrupulous business seeking to exploit customers as long as it can get away with it.

What we need to do is stop Medium from ‘getting away with it.’ A little whistleblowing should do the job. Once the Indian government is aware there’s a mercenary organisation sneakily indulging in a one-way traffic of funds out of the country, they will come down hard on Medium. And at that point, Medium will magically discover a quick solution to ensure Indian writers get paid.

Can’t help feeling let down by Medium though. This is such a great platform. But its lack of ethics is forcing its paying members to resort to such arm-twisting tactics. That’s a pity because it’s spineless corporate leadership who sell their souls for profits like this which has led to the emergence of the Facebooks. This in turn created Trump and his alternate facts. It’s a sad commentary on the moral bankruptcy of our times.

it’s an odd world

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