Nope, my post is 100% factually accurate.

It’s easy to check the facts for yourself. Sign out from your account, and try reading on Medium. After the third post, you will be blocked from reading by the paywall. There’s nothing like ‘free to everyone.’

Let me recap. Since I’m not a part of MPP, I don’t get paid when people read what I write. Fine, I don’t mind as long as Medium keeps it open to everyone. But what’s happening is, Medium gets paid when people read a post while my post is not open to the public. This means if I send a friend a link to a post which I have posted for free on Medium, my friend can’t read it unless he pays Medium.

What’s worse, I don’t have an option to be a part of Medium Partner Program! So Medium can get paid for what I write, while I can’t. Believe me, if you were in my shoes, you’d be pretty upset too.

I have also been fair with Medium, going out of my way to present all the facts, as in, “… If you are a writer in a Medium publication, you have full access to all articles on that publication. But if you are an independent writer on Medium, then three articles is all you get, plus whatever appears in Medium’s Twitter feed.

Having said that, I can understand why you think anyone can read any post that’s not flagged as members-only. Because that’s what I used to think when I was inside the paywall.

it’s an odd world

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