Recycling in India is driven by poverty. The poor may be uneducated but they are enterprising. There’s a guy who drives around on a moped singing at the top of his voice, ‘Pay-paar, Pay-paar.’ He pays me 50 cents for a kilo of wastepaper, be it newspaper, old magazines, books, cardboard packaging…

Yeah, but water is an issue. We did have a well too, but once more people moved in around our home, the water became polluted. So we shut it down, and put in a borewell. The water is clear but ‘salty.’ It leaves a thick layer of residue if evaporated.

I guess you are right about the quality of the washing machine. Maybe it’s a price-value equation. Mine cost around $300, has a 6–7kg capacity, and is used daily (hot, humid tropical climates means lots of clothes). I have a feeling I’m getting my money’s worth if it lasts six years.

it’s an odd world

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