Science is constantly evolving. If I could go back 200 years, walk out into the streets, and announce that I can fly using the principle of lift or whatever, the folks of that time would put me in the nearest loony bin.

There are things science cannot explain even today. Like if I stare at the neck of lady walking down the street with her back to me, she will suddenly turn around and catch my eye. I don’t know how she knew I was looking at her as she sure doesn’t have eyes in the back of her head. Can science explain that? So I hope you don’t mind if I take your ‘zero danger from cell phones’ with a pinch of salt.

The question in my mind when I wrote that article was, ‘What will happen to my body if I hold the phone less than the 10 mm (recommended by Apple)?’

Why is Apple not telling me what the danger is?

Obviously because there is a conflict of interest. What’s good for Apple may not be good for customers like you and me. Telling us what the danger is would be equivalent to Apple shooting itself in the foot. They won’t do it. And the cellphone industry lobby is keeping the government watchdogs quiet, just like the tobacco lobby silenced them for decades.

So why am I asking questions? Because it’s only when people ask questions that the status quo will change. Imagine if everyone back in 1946, blindly believed the advice below from 20,679 physicians.

it’s an odd world

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