Thanks Adrien, for reading and commenting.

By an odd coincidence, I saw another article on shortcuts this morning. Maybe it will help. Or you could go through my earlier attempt to create shortcuts where I get down to nitty gritties.

You know, these AI assistants have a long way to go before they can be considered to be actually intelligent. To give an example, take the word ‘read’ for instance. Humans can tell from the context whether to pronounce it ‘read’ or ‘red’ (past tense). I’ve noticed that assistants tend to goof up with this kind of stuff.

Siri is the least capable of the lot, Alexa is somewhere in between, while Google is the smartest. The follow up commands are harder for the assistants. That may be why they are sometimes disabled by default. Like if you are using Alexa, you need to enable it within the settings of the Alexa app.

Good luck on your adventures.

it’s an odd world

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