Thanks for reading, and adding to my knowledge with your comments. Like I was unaware of our exposure to a considerable dosage of radiation in airplanes. Not sure why my research for the article didn’t throw up these facts. It probably may have been because I wasn’t using the word ‘cancer’ in my search. On hindsight, I think I must have assumed that phone radiation is not powerful to cause cancer. So I will be the first to admit there are lots of holes in my hypothesis. To quote from my original post,

My above conclusions are pure conjecture based on my own observations. To verify if there’s any truth in them, research studies will have to be done with much larger sample sizes and over longer periods of time.

Before I go any further, I must admit there’s a 95% possibility I am wrong.

That’s fine as this story is not about me, but about what phone companies are not saying about phones, and what we can do to protect ourselves.

Like you said, none of us are experts on phones. But since phone makers are being extremely secretive about the dangers of phones, we users need to share whatever our experiences about the same.

My friend who used to drive with his mobile on the seat between his thighs, did just that. He was embarassed about admitting about the issue with his manhood. But despite that, he opened up and warned me after he noticed my carelessness with my phone. Years later, his words helped me put two and two together, and practically make my symptoms disappear overnight (even if it was just pure coincidence).

Anyway, I was really grateful for his candour, and this post was in a way, my way of paying it forward.

it’s an odd world

it’s an odd world