The trump card of the muslim loonies

A hope that violence will beget violence

March 17, 2016, India

India has one of the world’s largest population of Muslims. The community has its share of lunatics. They are fringe elements but want to appropriate Islam, and act as its spokesmen. Ordinary Indian Muslims are silent because if they object to the nonsense the nuts spout, the nuts will get them. As I see it, this in a microcosm, is the global issue of so called ‘Islamic’ terrorism.

The loonies are dangerous because they need credibility, and will go to any length to get attention. What makes them even more dangerous is their huge stocks of human cannon fodder. These are their own uneducated, simple minded, poverty stricken countrymen who have been brainwashed into believing that dying for the cause will grant them a direct ticket to heaven.

We have seen the success of this strategy. Hijacking and crashing planes in US, suicide bombers in cities like London, Paris, Mumbai, Russia, massacres of civilians, genocide, beheading... The more attention the loonies get, the happier they are, as it legitimises their claim to being spokesmen for Islam.

But for the loonies to keep going, they need to constant replenish their human cannon fodder. That can happen only if there is sustained outrage and anger among the poor of these lands against the rest of the world.

The Donald is the loonies’ trump card in this game, as he has eagerly volunteered to give them what they want. Trump has promised to bomb civilians in his battle against terrorism. Survivors and witnesses of such bombings would add unlimited supplies of suicide bombers to ranks of the loonies, and escalate their efforts to drive the world into two camps: the loonies vs the rest of the civilised world.

This will eventually lead to chaos, and at some point, the civilised world will stop being civilised, which would make us no different from the loonies.

And that is precisely what the loonies want.

In a way, it’s like history repeating itself. Hitler with his funny moustache and strange mannerisms, looked like a cartoon. But when this cartoon was given power, he brought misery to the world and death to millions.

Trump with his weird hair, orange look, and adolescent personality is an equally cartoonish character. But just like Hitler, Trump if given power, is quite capable of taking the world back to a barbaric age.

So what is driving the Trump wave? I may be completely off, but from my distant perspective on the other side of the world, I think I can identify two of the many reasons.

The first seems to be a resistance to change. As other ethnic groups grow in population, whites who were the majority in the US, are slowly becoming a minority. This change of status quo is going to be a hard pill to swallow.

Ironically, the second reason is capitalism, the foundation on which the US is built. Capitalism is based on the survival of the fittest. So manufacturing is being outsourced to countries where it costs less. As jobs vanish, it becomes harder for US citizens to earn enough to maintain their current lifestyle.

Trump seems to be the last stand of the whites against these changes. His threats to build walls along the Mexican border, deport thousands of Latinos, stop outsourcing of jobs, seem to make him a crowd favourite.

But change is inevitable, and if Trump comes to power, he can only delay it, not stop it. The Democrats seem more capable of handling the changing times, but can they stop Trump? Hillary is handicapped as voters may not see a woman as strong enough to do what’s necessary. If Bernie Sanders was younger, he would have the credibility to match Trump’s go-getter appeal.

But one thing is certain. The loonies will be praying that Trump wins.

it’s an odd world

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