Theoretically, the ₹1099 BSNL 3G connection can replace both, your landline and cell connections.

But I have two issues with BSNL 3G connections. Firstly, speed isn’t consistent, and sometimes drops below 1Mbps. Won’t work for me.

My second issue with BSNL 3G may not apply for this ₹1099 connection as it’s unlimited. But in general with BSNL 3G plans, you have to set your phone to turn off the data connection once your data plan is exhausted. Otherwise, the internet related tasks on your phone will run in the background and eat up your talktime at cutthroat rates. Have had my balance wiped out more times that I like to remember. Operators like Idea, allow you to prevent data from using your talktime. I don’t know why BSNL doesn’t offer this option.

In any case, most broadband (landline) connections (including BSNL) have unlimited internet at slow speeds of 512kpbs to 1Mbps once the download limit (FUP) is crossed. That’s why many people still stick with the BSNL’s basic broadband plan which costs around ₹600/month. They then take a Jio 4G (or similar) line for ₹300/month for 1GB of high speed data every day.

it’s an odd world

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