Usually Apple doesn’t release new versions of its flagship devices for a year at least. I think this is partly to let customers savour that experience of being owners of Apple’s ‘latest and greatest’ for one whole year. Even Apple understands this, which is why it’s currently refunding recent paid customers of Workflow, the app that Apple just bought and made free. I think it cost just $2.99 but a customer who paid that would feel really happy with Apple for refunding the amount. After all, no one likes paying for something that everyone else is getting for free. I think my iPad 3 was an exception to this rule as the iPad 4 was released just six months after the iPad 3. To add insult to injury, Apple had rebranded the iPad 3 as the ‘new iPad.’ Disgruntled would be a pretty apt description of how I felt.

it’s an odd world

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