Wasn’t aware of this, and appreciate your pointing it out. I have edited the text to reflect your comment. I also like the ‘I think…’ part of your comment, which implies you aren’t too clear yourself. Never mind, I doubt if anyone really understands the Medium Partner Program (MPP) and its complicated ‘clap’ system of payments. Let me give it a shot.

Here’s what I understand (and I may be wrong). The Medium Partner Program (MPP) is a self sustaining system of writers being supported by other writers/readers on the platform. All payments for writers on Medium come from $5 that the Medium Members pay. A member’s $5 is split up and distributed to the authors of the articles that he or she has clapped for. Claps from non-paying writers/readers on Medium won’t bring in any money for the writers on MPP.

However, the MPP and the clap system are works-in-progress, and lots of things don’t make sense to me. For instance, let’s say I’m a paying member on MPP, and say I write an article which get 10000 claps. Let’s assume all these claps are by ‘non-paying writers’ on the MPP. Does this mean I don’t get paid for their claps, while they get paid if I clap for their articles?

And how about the reverse scenario? Let’s say I’m a non-paying writer on the MPP, and I give 10 claps each for five articles during a month. If I was a paying member, my $5 fee would be split into five equal payments, with $1 going to each of the five writers. But since I’m a non-paying member of MPP, does this mean they don’t get paid for my claps, while I get paid if they clap for my articles?

Based on the link you shared above, there’s only one explanation that I can come up with to explain the above. If there are writers not contributing to the common pool, and yet getting paid, it must mean they are contributing in some non-monetary way. Maybe they are well known writers/publications who can help Medium pull in a larger audience and build up its brand. In which case, Medium will gladly exempt them from becoming paying members.

Either that, or the link is an error, and will be removed shortly.

it’s an odd world

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