A clue to why religious fanaticism is growing

Society is all about balancing conflicting needs

January 28, 2016, India

I heard this story from a third person. So I had to use my imagination to fill in the blanks. Not that it matters, as it’s the big picture that’s relevant. Switch the people, place, and religion, and it’s the same thing happening all over world.

The businessman

Communal Harmony


The Real Estate Boom

The Return of the Purdah


Tolerant Co-existence

The Neighbour

The Gate

The Cop

Siege Mentality

The Hindu Nationalists

An Alliance

The Truce


The Big Picture

Avoiding radicalization

Living in a powder keg

The faster we understand this, and the quicker we take preventive action, the better our chances for a peaceful future.

it’s an odd world

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