Yes, FCC vs FTC and other things does make it seem complicated. But like I mentioned in my story, what if this complication is by design. An info overload meant to stop people from supporting net neutrality. A sort of ‘If you can’t convince them, then confuse them and stop them from taking a side’ kind of strategy.

In fact, what India’s net neutrality campaigners did was take horribly complicated jargonised stuff and simplify it to its bare essentials. Or as one of them once put it, “Our sole reason for existence is to cut the crap.”

I’ll admit maybe I’m oversimplifying things. But it’s a matter of perspective, you know. I have many friends who are virulently anti-Google because of how it invades their privacy, and even have given up their Gmail IDs. On the other hand, I have weighed the pros and cons and given the keys to my kingdom of privacy to Google. Of course, that could also probably be because I’m too way down the food chain for Google to bother taking a bite out of. We live in interesting times!

it’s an odd world

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